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Spirulina is a kind of cyanobacteria similar to Suizenji seaweed, and is one of the oldest plants that was born on earth more than 3 billion years ago. It breeds mainly in highly alkaline salt water lakes in subtropical regions such as Africa and Latin America. "Spirulina" is a Latin word that means "helix", and is because it has a twisted shape. Because it contains abundant various types of nutrients, it is a convenient food as a dietary supplement for modern people who tends to take unbalanced meals. Because it is an "ideal nutritional food", NASA is also developing it as a space food.

Spirulina has five major nutrients
Besides proteins, sugariness, fatty acids, and vitamins, it also contains plenty of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc which tend to be deficient in daily diet. Spirulina contains all 5 major nutrients. Furthermore, as it is good for digestion and absorption, these components are smoothly absorbed by the body.

For those who lack of vegetables and nutrition!

Spirulina is an ideal balanced nutritious food for life of people who are worried about unbalanced diet and lack of exercise. This is a basic type of spirulina.

For lack of vegetables and nutrition!
Rakuten market in Japan Getting exclusive 1st place in
Sprirulina Ranking

Effects of spirulina

Solving lackof vegetables
Solving unbalanced nutrition
Relieving constipation
Increasing immune strength
I gained 10kg from stress and my belly look like a barrel because I left it as it. I thought constipation will be relieved by taking this product, so I took 60 tablets with plenty of water for every day. There are a few times of watery bowel movements and I thought effect of this product is like this.
However, when I ate Japanese isinglass for snack in the evening and evacuated unbelievably black stool on the next day, I was impressed once again that I recognized my condition was fecal impaction. Of course, my belly becomes flat. How about atopy? The itchiness decreased dramatically and I felt the importance of health of intestines again.
I lost weight 2kg. Sit-ups before going to bed may be effective for this. If you don’t feel effect of this product, please try to eat Japanese isinglass. Remember that you might not able to leave the toilet if you eat too much at once, so try to eat little by little.
Although it will be sounds like a lie if I continue writing good comments about this product…but atopic dermatitis of my son is certainly getting much better. Even my three-year-old son competes with his brother and takes 5 tablets at once.
There isn’t any problem even I let them take 15 tablets a day. Moreover, he doesn’t need steroid anymore and his skin getting so much better. Using both Alum bath and spirulina is good for excreting toxin and curing atopic dermatitis.
Although this product tastes bitter, my son enjoyed the change of his tongue’s color after taking spirulina and laugh happily by looking himself in front of mirror every day.
My family will continue taking spirulina.

What is spirulina?

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is the oldest plant(algae) which appeared on earth more than 3.5 billion years ago. For a long time, spirulina
has grown in salt lakes of the tropics such as Africa and
Latin America. People who live in these areas used spirulina
as foodstuff. Although they didn’t have any knowledge about modern nutrition, but they know spirulina is an excellent nutrition food based on their experience. It was in 1945, spirulina which only known by native people who lived around its growth area, started to be a known foodstuff in modern society, because Dr.Clement from institut francais du petrolent, has introduced spirulina at Microbial conference. It is acknowledged that spirulina
is much superior than chlorella, which is also known as microalgae like spirulina, in terms of cultivation, nutritional balance and digestibility.
Now, spirulina is recognized worldwide that it is safe healthy food and also is a popular nutritional supplement taken by Hollywood superstar and celebrity.

These are the great points of spirulina

1. Including 18 kinds of amino acid

Protein (amino acid) is an important nutrient which is a kind of raw material used to build cells, enzymes, hormones of our body. Spirulina contains about 70% of high-quality protein, that is 18 types of amino acid including essential amino acids and nonessential amino acids.

Including 18 kinds of amino acid

2. Rich in pigment such as chlorophyll and carotenoid.

Spirulina contains abundant natural pigments such as green chlorophyll, blue phycocyanin, orange or yellow carotenoid.
Chlorophyll is a notable ingredient that is useful not only for supporting body circulation, but also care for tired body and hangover. Spirulina contains beta-carotene and zeaxanthin as carotenoids and these natural pigments play a very important
role in reviewing an unhealthy dietary habit.

Plenty of colors like chlorophyll, carotenoid, and so on.
Plenty of beta-carotene

The standard amount of carotene is 5 to 15mg per person per day, that means taking 200g of green-yellow vegetables and 100g of light-colored vegetables in total of 300g! Only the required amount of beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body. Lacking in vitamin A will make your body prone to health problems. Let’s use spirulina which contains plenty of beta-carotene that gradually convert to vitamin A in the body only during daytime, to revise fragile dietary life.

3. Vitamin B12 tends to be deficient

Although it seems that vitamin is contained in vegetables,
vitamin B12 is rarely contained in vegetables but abundant in
animal-derived food.
Spirulina is algae nevertheless it contains more vitamin B12
than liver and oyster.

Vitamin B12 which is likely to be lacked

4. Linoleic acid which control extra fat

Excessive fat on the body, which is even took up on TV in recent years. Spirulina is rich in linoleic acid and gamma linolenic acid, which cleanse the annoyances that can cause poor circulation and bad health. In particular, these two components cannot be made by the body, so they must be supplemented on a regular basis.

Linoleic acid which control extra oil

5. Alkaline food

Spirulina is an alkaline food. In order to keep healthy every day, it is necessary to take alkaline foods and acidic foods in a well-balanced manner, but the dietary habits of modern people who live in hectic lifestyle, tend to be biased toward acidic foods.
Spirulina also supports the diet of such people.

Alkaline food

How to take spirulina

Please take 7-9 tablets of spirulina with water or other beverage in a few times per day.

7-9 tablets are the suggested amount, so please adjust the amount of intake according to your meals or physical condition
on the day.

How to drink spirulina
Start with 2 tablets

When you take spirulina for the first time, please take 2 tablets at the beginning and ensure that there is no discomfort. If there is no problem, please increase the number of tablets gradually.

For people who get diarrhea

Spirulina is a food which has high effect of calming intestinal disorders, so it may cause diarrhea to some people. If you having diarrhea after taking, please try to continue taking 1 or a few tablets. If your physical condition gets better, please increase the number of tablets gradually.

For people who become constipated

If constipation occurred after taking, it may due to inadequate of water, please try to drink more water and see how your condition goes.

Take with yogurt or lactic acid bacteria beverage

Spirulina has a function which increases lactic bacterium and probiotic bacteria so we also recommend to take it with yogurt or lactic acid bacteria beverage.

For children

For children, 1 or a few tablets is the suggested amount per day. Please crush the tablets with back of spoon and mix with milk or juice to give baby and infant who can’t swallow tablets.

Made in Japan

Our plant in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, manufacture and deliver directly.
We always offer high quality of spirulina under the strict control.

This spirulina 100% is made in our plant which locates in Minami Arupusu city Yamanashi Prefecture and delivered. Our company have No.1 share of spirulina in Japan. Now, we have developed and we can export to Asian countries, Europe and North America. We are Japanese company that has been offering high quality spirulina, which is helpful for many people’s health, for more than 40 years since 1980.

Made in Japan
Name : Spirulina food Ingredients : Spirulina raw material

Specification components and content(per 100g)

Calorie 260~390kcal
Protein 51.7~80g
Fat 6.7~8.3g
Sugariness 3.3~5g
Dietary fiber 6.7~10g
Sodium 433.3~650mg
Calcium 263.3~495mg
Iron 61.7~115mg
Potassium 1050~1800mg
Magnesium 200~383.3mg
Zinc 3.3~6.7mg
Copper 0.3~0.8mg
Manganese 1.5~8mg
Selenium 5~10μg
Cobalt 0~0ppm
Phosphorus 550~1400mg
Total chrome 0.5~3.3ppm
Iodine 0~1.7mg
β- carotene 80000~200000μg
Vitamin B1 2.2~4.8mg
Vitamin B2 2.2~4.8mg
Vitamin B6 0.7~1.3mg
Vitamin B12 183.3~400μg
Vitamin E 6.3~12mg
Niacin 11.7~20mg
Folic acid 133.3~300μg
Pantothenic acid 0.8~1.8mg
Biotin 20~45μg
Vitamin K1 1033.3~1933.3μg
Vitamin K2 16.7~133.3μg
Inositol 65~140mg
γ-linolenic acid 900~1833.3mg
Linoleic acid 833.3~1666.7mg
Total carotenoid 200~450mg
Phycocyanin 3000~9000mg
Chlorophyll a 600~1250mg
Nucleic acid(RNA) 2200~3500mg
Nucleic acid(DNA) 600~1000mg
Spirulina 100% for overseas
Net weight
300 tablets/500mg (150g) Spirulina
750 tablets/200mg (150g) Spirulina
600 tablets/500mg (300g) Spirulina
Recommended dosage per day :Take 7-9 tablets daily Shipping fee excluded Shelf life: 3 years
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