Spirulina Processed food


Perfectly balanced food for your family!

1200 tablets / 3600 tablets

Lactic acid bacteria reach the intestines alive

A spirulina processed food with excellent nutritional balance that contains lactic acid bacteria that could reach the intestines alive, Kumejima enzyme powder (fermented food powder), and vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
The lactic acid bacteria are spore-forming lactic acid bacteria, it could survive the gastric acid and reach the intestines alive.
Spirulina also has an activity effect on lactic acid bacteria.
In addition, Kumejima Enzyme Powder is produced by using 80 kinds of pesticide-free vegetables from Okinawa and fermented only with rare sugar, and then powderized at the our own Kumejima Plant in Okinawa.
Vitamin C is lost due to heat during the spirulina drying process, so ascorbic acid is added to maintain nutritional balance.

Special Spirulina which is chosen by people who care about their health much

People from all age groups can take!

Even if we continue eating only meat dishes,
with spirulina, we don’t have to be worry about
lack of vegetable!!
It is easier for mom to prepare dishes♪

Including 18 kinds of amino acid

Since my sister and I have likes and dislikes about food,
the nutrition balance is important.

Since my sister and I are fussy, <br>the nutrition balance is important.

Dad’s tiredness from his work needs 18 kinds of amino acid, vitamin, and mineral.

Dad’s tiredness from his work needs 18 kinds of amino acid, vitamin, and mineral.

I wish mom stays pretty with enzyme and
vitamin C.

I want mam to be beautiful with enzyme and vitamin C.

Just take 20 tabletsfor a day!!
※Please take from about 5 tablets and increase the amount of tablets gradually.

Alkaline food


More than 60 kinds of nutrients and nutrient balance of spirulina!
isoleucine / cystine / tryptophan / alanine / proline / leucine/phenylalanine / valine / aspartic acid / serine / lysine / tyrosine / arginine / glutamic acid / methionine / threonine / histidine / glycine
linoleic acid / gamma linoleic acid / palmitic acid / oleic acid / others
glycogen(glucose main) / rhamnose / mannose / xylose / others
dietary fiber(5~12%)

nucleic acid
4600mg in 100g / DNA 0.5%(500mg) / RNA 4.0~4.1%(4100mg)

SOD(superoxide dismutase)
11 thousand unit in100g
dietary fiber(5~12%)
beta(β)-carotene / vitamin B6/vitamin B12 / pantothenic acid / vitamin B1/inositol / vitamin E/folic acid / vitamin B2/biotin / niacin / vitamin K / others
calcium / magnesium / phosphorus / copper / iodine / potassium / chlorine / iron / manganese / selenium / sodium / zinc / sulfur / cobalt / others
chlorophyll / total carotenoid / phycocyanin / others
total amount of pheophorbide 79.6 mg in 100g
total amount of pheophorbide 33.0 mg in 100g

1076.82mg in 100g

Furthermore, digestibility is
95% in 2 hours!

Spirulina is an alkaline food.

Spirulina is an alkaline food.

Spirulina, an alkaline food, is a strong ally
for people who often eat processed foods
and high-fat foods!

In order to stay healthy every day, it is necessary to eat alkaline foods and acidic foods in a well-balanced manner, but the dietary habits of modern people who live in hectic lifestyle, tend to be biased toward acidic foods.Spirulina also supports the diet of such people.

Vitamin C

Spimate contains 160mg of vitamin C which spirulina contains only an infinitesimal amount. It is happy to get vitamin C that is based on skin.
(Recommended dietary amount for a day is 100mg, and it is 80mg for children under 11 years old. Even if you take too many, it will be discharged.)

Vitamin C

Kumejima enzyme

Enzyme is…

Enzymes are protein catalyst produced in cell. It is essential for all living things in perform life processes such as digestion.

Kumejima enzyme

Would enzyme in our body increase if we take enzyme?
Even if we take food which include enzyme,
the amount of enzyme in the body does not increase.
However, we could hold the usage amount of enzyme in the body.In addition to that, since fermented food has many good bacteria and they are feed of intestinal good germ, it influences good effect in intestinal environment.

Does enzyme in our body increaseif we take enzyme?
Does enzyme in our body increaseif we take enzyme?

Lactic bacteria

Lactic acid bacterium which is used as nostrum in Japan!!
You can take 2 hundred million of lactic acid (20 tablets for a day) which are carried to bowels alive. Since the lactic acid is strong enough to survive gastric acids and bile, it could reach bowels alive.
As a result, inside the intestines becomes an environment that good germ increases easily.
(Usually, even if we take lactic acid by yogurt, many lactic acid will die before reaching bowels)

Lactic acid bacterium which is used as nostrum in Japan!!
Lactic acid bacterium which is used as nostrum in Japan!!

Made in Japan

Our plant in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, we manufacture and deliver directly. We always offer high quality of spirulina under the strict control.

This spirulina 100% is made in our plant which locates in Minami Arupusu city Yamanashi Prefecture and delivered. Our company have No1 share of spirulina in Japan. Now, we have developed and we can export to Asian countries and Europe and North America. We are Japanese company that has been offering high quality spirulina, which is helpful for many people’s health, for about 35 years since 1980.

Made in Japan
Name : Spirulina Processed food
Ingredients : Spirulina raw material, Vitamin C, Enzyme powder, Spore forming lactic acid bacteria, Cyclodextrin, Citric acid

Enzyme raw material:Rare sugar-containing syrup
Okinawa fruit:Flat lemon, Dragon fruit, Pineapple, Tankan mandarin
Spirulina: SGF
Okinawa Island Vegetable:Angelica keiskei, Amaranthus, Fennel, Ipomoea aquatica, Vine, Hemero callis fulva, Kale, Cos lettuce, Zanthoxylum bee cheyanum, Brassica juncea, Wax gourd, Glebionia coronaria, Celery, Asparagus lettuce, Ixeris dentate, Carrot green leaves, Gynura bicolor, Artemisia indica, Chard, Spinach, Peucedanum japonicum, Trefoil, Violet cabbage, Purple Japanese radish, Green papaya, Artemisia campestris linne
Herb: Italian parsley, Oregano, Coriander, Salad burnet, Sweet basil, Swiss chard, Stevia, Spearmint, Sorrel, Thai basil, Dandelion, Pineapple sage, Parsley, Bush basil, Peppermint, Mexican Lippia, Yarrow, Red basil, Lemongrass, Lemon balm, Rosemary, Bay leaf
Wildflower・Woods: Gynostemma pentaphylum, Amaranthus biltum, Plantago asiatica, Shoot of Japanese persimmon, Cinnamon shoot, Artemisia capillaris, Rumex japonica, Cassava shoot, Guava shoot, Orthosiphon stamineus, Morus shoot, Shoot of shell ginger, Shoot of coffee trees, Edible chrysanthemum, Purslane, Portulaca oleracea, Bidens shoot, Chinese knotweed, Tetragonia tetragonoides, Houttuynia, Shoot of dragon fruit, Mexican Sunflower, Coral flower, Shoot of Brazilian Cherry, Piper retrofractum, Loquat shoot, Ryukyu celery
List price
1200 tablets JPY2,800 (base price) Spimate
3600 tablets JPY7,500 (base price) Spimate
Recommended dosage per day : about20 tablets Shipping fee excluded Shelf life: 3 years
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