Announcement about countermeasures against overseas counterfeit products

This product is a mixture of Spirulina cultured in deep ocean water and normal culture Spirulina cultured in drinking water.

2200 tablets / 200mg

Announcement about countermeasures against imitation products for overseas - Deep Ocean Water Spirulina Blend

From July 2019, we sequentially changed the package to the following with hologram, micro letteers, and braille.

From the mid September of 2015, Spirulina blend 2200 tablets shipped overseas have been changed to this package.
From August 2022, the specifications of package and bottle will be changed sequentially.

From August 2022, the design of the hologram will be changed sequentially. There is no change in micro letters and braille.

The specifications of the bottle, lid, and desiccant will be changed.
Old specifications Changing sequentially from August 2022

The size and color of the lid will be changed.


The desiccant is inside.

The desiccant is fixed to the back of the lid.


The design of the hologram on the label will be changed.

From August 2022, old and new designs of labels, boxes, and bottles may be mixed because they are scheduled to be changed sequentially.
Old specifications
New bottle /Old label / Old box
New bottle /New label / Old box
New specifications

Please check here for the latest version of the product's packaging that currently sold at drugstores in Japan.
* The base color is gold. The color is different because this is data for printing.

↓2023.6 update

↓2022.12 update

There are currently two types of pink sticker on the front of the package(2021.4.13)



Click here for past designs
Deep Ocean Water Spirulina Blend ver.2022.8
Deep Ocean Water Spirulina Blend ver.2022.1
Deep Ocean Water Spirulina Blend ver.2020
Deep Ocean Water Spirulina Blend ver.2019.7
Deep Ocean Water Spirulina Blend ver.2018
Deep Ocean Water Spirulina Blend ver.2016

In addition, the presence or absence of the stickers will vary depending on the dealers.

For those who are wondering whether your Spirulina product is parallel imported, genuine or fake, please send us a photo of the expiration date and serial number on the packaging.
We will answer you as soon as possible.
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