Spirulina 100% series

PC Reinforced Spirulina

Extract phycocyanin (blue pigment) from spirulina,
and blended it with normal cultured Spirulina at 5%.

1500 tablets

Spirulina containing product - PC Reinforced Spirulina
Normal cultured spirulina 95% + phycocyanin 5%

Phycocyanin contained only in Spirulina was extracted and added to normal cultured Spirulina at 5%. Therefore, the characteristics of phycocyanin are further enhanced.

For those who lack of vegetables and nutrition!
For family’s health care!

Spirulina is an ideal balanced nutritious food for life of people who are worried about unbalanced diet and lack of exercise.
This is a basic type of spirulina.

For lack of vegetables and nutrition!

Spirulina 100% strengthen with phycocyanin!

Spirulina 100% strengthen with phycocyanin!

What is phycocyanin?

Phycocyanin is a color connected with protein, and is a one of the components which works importantly in our body.
Phycocyanin are contained amazingly lots in Spirulina as there are 6g of pycocyanin in 100g.

Natural color of food
Phycocyanin of spirulina is used as natural food coloring for soda ice cream and soda pop.

What is phycocyanin?

Clinical example of spirulina(phycocyanin)

Phycocyanin contained in spirulina has a lot of effect for health, for example kidney function improvement effect, anti-oxidant action and function of decreasing the value of creatinine.

Anti-allergy reaction
Anti-allergy reaction

Effect of spirulina platensis for rat’s anaphylaxis caused by compound 48/80
Compound 48/80 solution is given intraperitoneal of rat with 200μ? of saline.Death rate of rats after an hour by anaphylaxis is decreased depends on the amount of spirulina platensis.
Spirulina platensis restrain anaphylaxis (strong allergy reaction) 100%.

H-N Yang, others : Life Science

Antioxidative effect
Anti-allergy reaction

Improvement effect by antioxidant (phycocyanin) for hemolysis caused by peroxide in red corpuscles in body
This result shows peroxide radical in the body is supported by antioxidative effect of phycocyanin.

C.Romay, others : J.Pharm, Pharmacal

Curative effect for skin cancer
Anti-allergy reaction

Effect of spirulina for skin cancer (from 10 to 15 mouse are used for each group)
Control: Dimethylbenzanthracene (DMBA) + croton oil
LD: DMBA + croton oil + Spirulina (250mg / weight kg)
HA: DMBA + croton oil + Spirulina (500mg / weight kg)

This result shows that cancer is improved by spirulina.
T.Dasgupta, others : Molecular and Cellalar Biochemistry

Curative effect for liver cancer
Anti-allergy reaction

Curative effect for cancer by phycocyanin
20 mice are separated to 2 groups.
10 mice are given 100mg / kg of phycocyanin orally per day and other mice are not given phycocyanin. Cell of liver cancer is transplanted to all mice and survival rate was measured.
This result shows that spirulina has effect to improve cancer.

: Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication
No. Sho 58-65216

Improvement effect of liver function
Anti-allergy reaction

Effect of preprocessing of phycocyanin for rat caused by carbon tetrachloride, and pulegone
Control: Dimethylbenzanthracene (DMBA) + croton oil
Cytochrome P45, G-6 phosphatas, and Aminopyridine -N- Dimethylase are decreased and SGPT is increased if hepatic dysfunction is occurred.
This result shows that phycocyanin improve hepatic dysfunction.

B.B.Vadiraja, others:

Improvement effect of kidney function
Anti-allergy reaction
Hypocholesterolemic activity

Change of the levels of serum cholesterol (10 persons for each group)

Hypocholesterolemic activity

Patient aged from 40 to 60 :
A: 2g / day, B: 4g / day, spirulina is given C: control

**)Markedly significant  p<0.01

This result statistically shows that administration of spirulina arkedly and significantly decreases cholesterol.
A.Ramamoorthy, others: J.Food Sci.Technol.

Improvement effect of muscle pain
 Improvement effect of muscle pain

It shows that the result of consumable time and lactate concentration (mg/dl) after 3 week-dosing.
Spirulina was dosed 15g for a day.
The result shows that Spirulina has improvement effect for muscle damage and makes consumable time longer.

H.K.Lu, others : Eur J Appl Physiol

Effect of phycocyanin for leukemia
Effect of phycocyanin for leukemia

Effect of C-PC(C-Phycocyanin) for K562
(Chronic myelogenous leukemia cell)

K562 processes by C-PC, 10, 25, 50, 100μM(micro moll) in FBS (Fetal bovine serum) and is cultured for 24, 48, 72, 96 hours. As a result, chronic myelogenous leukemia cell is decreased (49% at the most) statically and significantly regard to control group.
Therefore, it is clear that phycocyanin resist myelogenous leukemia cell.

J.s ubhashini, others: J.S ubhashini et al./ Biochemical Pharmacology

Enteron mucosal immune response of phycocyanin

Phycocyanin intake effect for enteron mucosal immune response antibody

Amount of lgE(B) in serum of mouse which took phycocyanin

Amount of lgE(B) in serum of mouse which took phycocyanin
*:Regard to p<0.01, regard to PBS-H20
#:Regard to p<0.01, regard to ##:p<0.05 OVA-H20

Amount of antibody of intestinal mucosa of PBS-H20

Amount of antibody of intestinal mucosa of PBS-H20
*:Regard to p<0.01, *:0.05 PBS-H20
#:Regard to p<0.01, ##: p<0.05 OVA-H20
+: Regard to p<0.01, ++ : p<0.05 PBS-Ph0.01%

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It related with photosynthesis of Spirulina

Phycocyanin plays an important role in photosynthesis of spirulina.
Photosynthesis of spirulina uses blue color pigment, phycocyanin and green color pigment, chlorophyll a. Spirulina produce CO2 and glycogen by solar power.

It related with photosynthesis of Spirulina

Usually, plants produce starch, however spirulina produce glycogen which can be used as energy soon, not starch. Therefore, spirulina is superior as energy support food which is able to be used soon.
It is one of mystery of spirulina that Spirulina which is a plant microorganism contains many animal color pigments that contained in animal’s bile.

Please feel the power of natural color pigment,

Please feel power of natural color,pycocyanin!!

Made in Japan

Our plant in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, manufacture and deliver directly.
We always offer high quality of spirulina under the strict control.

This spirulina 100% is made in our plant which locates in Minami Arupusu city Yamanashi Prefecture and delivered. Our company have No1 share of spirulina in Japan. Now, we have developed and we can export to Asian countries and Europe and North America. We are Japanese company that has been offering high quality spirulina, which is helpful for many people’s health, for about 35 years since 1980.

Made in Japan
Name : Spirulina food Ingredients : Spirulina raw material, Phycocyanin

Specification component and content(per 100g)

Calorie 260~390kcal
Protein 51.7~80g
Fat 6.7~8.3g
Sugariness 3.3~5g
Dietary fiber 6.7~10g
Sodium 433.3~650mg
Calcium 263.3~495mg
Iron 61.7~115mg
Potassium 1050~1800mg
Magnesium 200~383.3mg
Zinc 3.3~6.7mg
Copper 0.3~0.8mg
Manganese 1.5~8mg
Selenium 5~10μg
Cobalt 0~0ppm
Phosphorus 550~1400mg
Total chrome 0.5~3.3ppm
Iodine 0~1.7mg
β- carotene 80000~200000μg
Vitamin B1 2.2~4.8mg
Vitamin B2 2.2~4.8mg
Vitamin B6 0.7~1.3mg
Vitamin B12 183.3~400μg
Vitamin E 6.3~12mg
Niacin 11.7~20mg
Folic acid 133.3~300μg
Pantothenic acid 0.8~1.8mg
Biotin 20~45μg
Vitamin K1 1033.3~1933.3μg
Vitamin K2 16.7~133.3μg
Inositol 65~140mg
γ-linolenic acid 900~1833.3mg
Linoleic acid 833.3~1666.7mg
Total carotenoid 200~450mg
Phycocyanin 5500~13000mg
Chlorophyll a 600~1250mg
Nucleic acid(RNA) 2200~3500mg
Nucleic acid(DNA) 600~1000mg
List price Net weight
1500 tablets JPY1,960 (base price) 200mg×1500 tablets(300g)
Recommended dosage per day : about40 tablets Shipping fee excluded Shelf life: 3 years
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