Organic Germanium(Ge-132P)

Characteristics of Organic Germanium (Ge-132P) of Japan Algae

  • 100% pure organic germanium by patented manufacturing method
  • Domestic organic germanium
  • Thorough quality control at own factory
  • Every year, a minor amount new chemical substances are confirmed by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of the Environment, and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • In April 2010, our own Yamanashi plant acquired GMP certification which is the standard of manufacturing and quality control.
Organic Germanium

What is Organic Germanium

Germanium is an intermediate substance between metal and nonmetal with the element symbol "Ge", atomic number "32". Organic germanium (Ge-132P) is a compound produced by scientifically synthesizing this inorganic germanium.

Germanium can be roughly divided into the following three types.
Organic Germanium

Inorganic germanium

It is mainly contained in minerals and soil. It is used as a raw material for industrial use as diode, transistor, optical fiber and PET bottle's condensation polymerization catalyst, as well as bracelet and necklace. Germanium dioxide is inorganic germanium.
Inorganic germanium cannot be eaten. If inorganic germanium is ingested, it will accumulate in the body and damages the kidneys.

Organic Germanium

It is a chemically synthesized inorganic germanium contained in minerals. It also cannot be eaten except for those with a purity of 100%.
※Japan Algae's organic germanium (Ge-132P) is synthetic organic germanium with a purity of 100% which obtained by patented manufacturing method.

Organic germanium is characterized by being easily soluble in water. (On the other hand, inorganic germanium is hardly soluble in water.) It is easy to dissolve in water and can be absorbed smoothly, so you can utilize organic germanium efficiently. In addition, it is excreted promptly in about 48 hours, so there is no harm of accumulation in the body like inorganic germanium.

Organic germanium present in wild and natural world

Organic germanium exists widely also in wild and natural world. Reishi mushroom, Garlic, Shiitake mushroom, Korean ginseng, Aloe etc. are also included in plants which are said to be good for the body.
Known that organic germanium is also contained in water in the "Lourdes fountain" in the Lourdes region of southern France, "Yamabuki water" in Aomori prefecture, and "Anantan no reisui" in Toyama prefecture in Japan.

Organic germanium present in wild and natural world
Organic germanium present in wild and natural world
Organic germanium present in wild and natural world
Organic germanium present in wild and natural world

Uses of Organic Germanium

  • Confirmed to be useful for health promotion by using it as health food.
  • Confirmed that it is useful for skin health by using it as a cosmetic or bath additive.
  • Used in germanium hot bath facilities.
  • Used as battery reinforced liquid.

Safety of Organic Germanium

It has been confirmed that it does not show any toxicity in various tests such as acute toxicity, subacute / chronic toxicity, reproductive developmental toxicity, reproduction, antigenicity, mutagenicity (chromosomal abnormality).
*Inorganic germanium cause accumlation in the kidney tissue, it must not be ingested.

How to take Organic germanium Ge-132P(powder)

For maintaining your health, please take 0.3 to 0.5 g per day by dissolving it in water and etc. Please adjust the amount according to your health condition.

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