Organic Germanium

Organic Germanium

100% pure synthetic Organic Germanium
with patented production method.

powder type / tablet type

Organic Germanium
I want to spend healthy life that keep hospitals away!
I want to be youthful forever!
I want to get strong body which can
bear busy life!
I want to spend healthy life without hospital!

What is Organic Germanium?

Germanium contained in water was organized by bacteria from inorganic germanium contained in soil and minerals.
Water containing germanium has been used for people's health in many places for a long time.

Organic Germanium that Exists in Nature (Water)

What is Organic Germanium?

Organic Germanium that Exists in Nature (Plants)

What is Organic Germanium?

Organic germanium is produced from organizing germanium by chemical synthesis.

Organic germanium is a kind of synthetic supplement which can be safely used as health food, cosmetic products, germanium hot bath, bath additives.
The feature of organic germanium is that many people surprised by its excellent health and anti-aging effect through many kinds of great function. It acquired a reputation especially from people who in forties, people who have sickness and people who want to keep their youth, and hard workers.
Japan Algae Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing safe organic germanium with the original manufacturing method since 1980.

Organic germanium is recommended for these people!

People in forties or above

Hard workers

People who are worried about their health

People who are largely worried about their health

People who want to be active forever.

People who want to spend life that keep hospitals away.

People who want to spend life without hospital.

Effects of Organic Germanium

It is connected to hydrogen ion and flow it.

Too many hydrogen ions (H+) in a human body reduces the amount of oxygen to an inadequate level and may cause health problems.
Organic Germanium combines with hydrogen ions (H+) in a human body and excretes them from the body, leading to give the relatively-excessive oxygen. This excessive oxygen then reaches to the cells of each organ to improve metabolism.

Improve circulation

Organic Germanium increases deformability of red blood cells (softens red blood cells) and helps blood flows smoothly.

Improve circulation
Improve circulation
Improve circulation

Experiment 1 of organic germanium

We did an experiment to see how long germanium water can keep its freshness.

Experiment 1 of organic germanium

Water in normal temperature changed color and is going bad. On the other side, germanium water, especially the one in the refrigerator remains clean.

Experiment 1 of organic germanium

Experiment 2 of organic germanium

An apple was cut into half. One half was sprayed with pure water, and the other half was sprayed with water in 1% concentration of organic germanium every 10 minutes.

Experiment 2 of organic germanium
Experiment 2 of organic germanium

The apple sprayed with pure water turned brownish, while the apple sprayed with germanium water showed almost no discoloration.

It is obvious if you compare them!

It is clear if you see to compare them!

Organic germanium is a chemical synthesized product,
so please purchase it from a safe manufacturer.

Organic germanium is chemical synthetic product,therefore please purchase from safe maker.

Organic germanium and inorganic germanium

Q. Are organic germanium and inorganic germanium the same?
A. No, it is not the same.

Organic germanium is edible, but inorganic germanium cannot be consumed because it will accumulate in the kidneys. Organic germanium also could be used for hot bath because it is able to be absorbed by skin.

Inorganic (oxidation) germanium (metallic germanium)

Germanium contained in minerals and soil.
It is mainly used for industrial purposes as in Inorganic Germanium compound Polymerization catalysts for PET bottles, lenses, infrared rays, transparent glass, optical fibers, and etc.
*Do not drink Inorganic Germanium as it accumulates in the kidneys and causes renal failure.

Germanium oxide  Inorganic germanium(germanium metal)

Organic Germanium

Other than organic germanium contained in natural water and plants, there are also synthetic organic germanium compounds.
Synthetic organic germanium compounds are chemically synthesized from inorganic germanium compounds.
100% pure organic germanium does not accumulate in the body. After about 24 hours, 15 ~ 18% would be excreted in the urine and the rest would be completely excreted in the stool.

Organic Germanium
Experiment 1 of organic germanium

That’s why purity is important.

Experiment 1 of organic germanium
The purity of organic germanium Ge-132P is 100%,
so it can be used with confidence.

Reasons for choosing our organic germanium

1. It is safe because its purity is 100%

100% purity organic germanium Ge-132P is manufactured through many processes. Organic germanium is chemically synthesized from inorganic germanium (germanium dioxide (GeO2)) which cannot be consumed. We sell only organic germanium that is completely organic. We manufacture organic germanium based on this original manufacturing method (patented manufacturing method) which purity is 100%. There are no other companies produce organic germanium with the same method.

Japan Algae Co., Ltd. confirms its germanium contents is
(GeCH2CH2COOH) 2O3, which means, its safety is ensured,
by conducting two analytical tests.
Germanium content analysis is performed for each production lot.

Experiment 1 of organic germanium

The test result (Analysis Report 1) above proves that "There is no doubt that this sample is organic germanium (GeCH2CH2COOH) 2O3". In other words, it proves that there is no doubt that the organic germanium chemically synthesized by the manufacturing method of Japan Algae Co., Ltd. (Spirulina Fukyukai, organic germanium Fukyukai) is the same as the organic germanium (GeCH2CH2COOH) 2O3 which safety has been confirmed.

Experiment 1 of organic germanium

※2 The 42.8% in the above analytical test result indicates the germanium content percentage of the organic germanium (GeCH2CH2COOH)2O3; when the result is 42.8%, as the same percentage derived by using the calculation formula, it is the proof that the germanium is fully organized.
* In case where not-fully-organized germanium is analyzed, the percentage of 42.8% should not be obtained.
Japan Algae Co., Ltd. conducts such tests to manufacture and sell 100% pure organic germanium.

2. The only organic germanium which made in Japan.

Currently, only Spirulina Fukyukai (Japan Algae Co., Ltd.) can manufacture organic germanium in-house in Japan. There are many necessary complex processes to manufacture 100% purity organic germanium, Ge-132P. There are not any manufacturers oversea can imitate our technology.
We acquired a good reputation for business result as manufacturing and selling organic germanium and earned trust from customers no matter in Japan or overseas.
It is only one organic germanium made in Japan.

3. We manufacture in-house, thus the price is reasonable!
Drinking continuable! Quality reliable!

Japan Algae is a unique spirulina and organic germanium manufacturer. Because all the products are manufactured in-house, it is possible to control quality and cost strictly.
Therefore, we can make high quality and low-priced products.

Experiment 1 of organic germanium

How to drink

To maintain good health
0.3g for a day
Keep good health

We recommend to drink Organic Germanium (powder type) by dissolve it in mineral water or beverage to a concentration of 0.1%.
For Germa 100 (tablet type), please take it directly with mineral water or warm water.

In the case of making large amount of germanium water: Dissolve 2g of Organic Germanium in 2L of mineral water(or drinking water), and drink 300㏄ (1 large glass) daily, finish it in a week.
With this way, you can get about 0.3g of Organic Germanium every day.

To people who get tired easily
Hard workers
Prevention from lifestyle diseases
0.5g for a day
Prevention from lifestyle diseases

We recommend to drink Organic Germanium by dissolve it in mineral water or beverage to a concentration of 0.1%.
For Germa 100 (tablets type) take it directly with mineral water or warm water.

Recommendable way to drink:Dissolve 0.5g of organic germanium in a 500ml bottle of water (Concentration 0.1%). Drink 1 bottle of germanium water daily.

People who undergoing medical treatment
2~3g for a day
Prevention from lifestyle diseases

We recommend drinking germanium water with a concentration of 0.1% every few hours.
Please adjust the amount you drink according to your physical condition.

Prevention from lifestyle diseases
It's completely dissolved. It dissolved completely because it’s 100% pure!
Prevention from lifestyle diseases
Name : Organic Germanium Ingredients : Organic Germanium

Our organic germanium is confirmed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry every year for low volume new chemical substances.
Our products have a manufacturing method patent (Patent No. 1460559). Please be careful about similar products.

List price Net weight
powder type 2g x 4 bottles JPY8,500 (base price) 8g (2g x 4 bottles)
powder type 10g x 1 bottle JPY10,000 (base price) 10g
powder type 10g x 5 bottles JPY30,000 (base price) 50g (10g x 5 bottles)
powder type 10g x 10 bottles JPY55,000 (base price) 100g (10g x 10 bottles)
tablet type JPY12,800 (base price) 19.2g (320mg x 60 tablets)
Powder type 0.3g,
Tablet type 1 tablet
Shipping fee : free (In the case of delivery outside Japan,
it is charged.)
Shelf life:
3 years

10g × 5 bottles, 10g × 10bottles are also available. Please contact us when ordering large quantities.

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