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Spirulina Diet Herbal Plus - Spirulina Plus Thirteen Varieties of Herbs!

  • Using Only Natural Ingredients

There are a number of diet foods that use plant ingredients, but many combine chemically synthesized vitamins and minerals. By combining the natural multi-supplement spirulina, it is possible to provide a nutrient supply entirely out of natural ingredients.

  • Being Particular about Herbs

Of the 13 types of herbs used, 12 are concentrated extracts. Herb extracts are solvent and have no adverse effects on the body. What's more, in order to increase the beautification and health effects, Bee pollen has also been combined with the herbs. Bee pollen is flower pollen mixed with the bees own enzymes, and is a highly nutritious ingredient that forms the basis of royal jelly.

Spirulina Diet Herbal Plus

Why the body becomes difficult to lose weight and easily fatigued?

Accumulation of bodily waste

If recently you have experienced symptoms of not being able to lose weight or get rid of fatigue, it's possible that waste is accumulating in your body. When waste accumulates, the metabolism is reduced and absorption of nutrients becomes poor, creating symptoms such as those above, and the added burden of dry, rough skin. In order to discharge these wastes, it is important to promote the excretory functions of the body.

Lack of nutrients necessary in the diet

Diets tend to conjure up images of restricted food intake, but these types of diets invite a potential lack of vitamins, and often have reverse effects. For a healthy diet, the intake of necessary nutrients, such as vitamin B for promoting the metabolism, and beta-carotene essential for maintaining healthy skin, etc., is important.


Nature's minerals packed spirulina!

Abundant vitamins and minerals necessary for your diet

Spirulina, which is a type of blue-green algae, contains a balance of over 30 varieties of nutrients, including good-quality protein, vitamins and minerals. Nutrients necessary for the diet, such as Vitamin B and others are also abundant.

Reduce your food intake by taking before meals

Because the spirulina expands inside the stomach, a felling of fullness can be attained. By taking 30 minutes before a meal, it is possible to reduce the amount of food intake.

Unrivalled beautifying effects

Nutrients known to be good for the skin, such as beta-carotene, vitamin E, pathogenic acid are also contained.The "Spirulina Diet Herbal Plus" is selective when it comes to its natural ingredients and quality.

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