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About SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water
What is SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water?
Anti-Aging Algae
100% deep ocean water from Okinawa
Culitvated in Kumejima
Comparative Analysis
Combining the Blessings
SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water
Anti-Aging Algae
Japan Algae Co., Ltd.fs involvement with spirulina goes back a number of years. Our company first imported spirulina from Israel 18 years ago and commenced production and sales. Since then, we have pursued our goal of producing high grade spirulina at a reasonable cost to our customers, importing raw material from Hawaii, Taiwan and now China. We manufacture our own tablets at our plant facilities and have been selling spirulina for almost 10 years through our distributor, the Spirulina Promotion Association.

In China, there are a number of companies that produce spirulina. However, Japan Algae carefully selects only spirulina that is of the finest quality and imports it from companies with proven results. Today Japan Algae holds the leading position in Japan in sales of spirulina.

In 2001, our company succeeded in extracting blue food coloring from spirulina using groundbreaking technology, and in 2002, established our position in Japan as the leading company in sales and in quality of coloring agents derived from spirulina. Currently we are devoting our energy to development of the uses of deep ocean water in Kumejima, Okinawa and have established our own facility there. On the basis of our past results in production and sales of spirulina, we were able to obtain approval to utilize the deep ocean water in Kumejima.

After three years of research, we succeeded in cultivating spirulina using 100% deep ocean water. This was a world first and, thanks to the power contained in deep ocean water, a new spirulina different from any spirulina produced by conventional methods was achieved.
SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water cultivation facilities at Kumejima, Okinawa
SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water uses 100% deep ocean water from Kumejima, Okinawa.
Spirulina cultivated in deep ocean water: 700-1200 microns
Ordinary spirulina: 200-400 microns
Hawaii is known for its cultivation of spirulina using deep ocean water. However, the spirulina in Hawaii is cultivated in a mixture of ordinary water and deep ocean water. Made from spirulina cultivated in water drawn from the sea floor off the coast of Kumejima in Okinawa at a depth of 612 meters, Anti-aging Algae is the first nutritional supplement in the world containing spirulina cultivated successfully in 100% deep ocean water.
Cultivated in Kumejimafs pure, deep ocean water rich in minerals
The deep ocean water of Okinawa is far richer in minerals than ordinary drinking water. It contains about 100 times more magnesium and calcium (hardness), in particular. Minerals, especially magnesium, copper and other components, are extremely important nutrients playing a role in the reduction of active oxygen in the body and making the body resistant to sickness. The difference in nutritional value between Anti-aging Algae cultivated in deep ocean water and that made by conventional methods is clear. Results of an analysis shown below reveal surprising differences.
Analysis Comparing SPIRULINA 100% and SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water

Nutrients in 100g
SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water
Total Carotinoid
Chlorophyll a
Source: Test analysis results by Japan Food Research Laboratories.

Compared with ordinary drinking water, deep ocean water is superior in terms of the abundant nutrients it contains. Phytoplankton absorb and consume nutrients in sea water. However, in deep ocean water where the sunfs light does not reach, phytoplankton, which requires sunlight, are not present. Therefore, nutrients in deep ocean water are plentiful. Furthermore, unlike the water at the surface of the sea, which reaches temperatures of up to 30‹C degrees in Okinawa, deep ocean water remains at a consistent temperature of about 7‹C degrees and is pure, since there are no pollutants from chemical substances on land and no bacterial pathogens.
Outstanding Spirulina is achieved by combining the blessings of deep ocean water and the innate power of Spirulina
Okinawa Prefectural Maritime deep ocean water Research Station which supplies deep ocean water.
Sea water extraction site: at 612m depth
Superior deep ocean water that contains abundant amounts of minerals and nutrients and is pure and low in temperature is the most suitable environment for cultivating the best SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water. Research results on deep ocean water have reported that living things in such environments grow four to five times normal size.

In the cultivation of SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water, all deep ocean water is discarded once the spirulina has been harvested. If the same water is used a second time, the spirulina will not grow. This indicates how thoroughly the nutrients in the sea water are absorbed by the growing spirulina. Sea water is the source of life. The SPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Water that absorbs the nutrients originating from the source of life revitalize the body and suppress the aging process.


FAQ - Questions & Answers about Spirulina - 100% Deep Ocean Water

Q1. How many tablets of gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh should I take each day?

A1. You can take 7-9 tablets daily. Please be notified that the dosage may be adjusted according to your weight and health condition as needed.

Q2. When should I take gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh tablets?

A2. You can take them whenever you want since gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh is not a medicine but a food product. If you have a weak stomach, please take gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh in several separate doses after meals.

If you a dieter, we recommend that you take gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh 30 minutes before meals. Since gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh swells in your stomach and stimulates your satiety center, it can work towards preventing you from overeating.

Q3. Is there any problem to take gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh together with other medicines?

A3. Almost never. gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh contains extremely small amounts of Vitamin K (approximately 40-80 ƒÊg/ 100g). When you take gWarfarinh which is used to prevent blood clots from forming or growing larger, consult with your family doctor.

Q4. What is the difference between gSPIRULINA 100% h and gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh?

A4. gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh is cultivated solely in pure 100% deep ocean water from Kumejima Island, Okinawa. The other side, gSPIRULINA 100%h is cultivated in the natural alkaline water. As you may know, Hawaii is known for its cultivation of Spirulina using, deep ocean water. However, the Spirulina in Hawaii is cultivated in mixture of ordinary water and deep ocean water.

gSPIRULINA - 100% Deep Ocean Waterh using deep ocean water contains approximately 85 vitamins and minerals beneficial for human health and longevity.
Cultivated solely in pristine water taken from a depth of 612 meters off the coast of Kumejima Island near Okinawa, this ggreen algae of eternal youthh absorbs the waterfs rich nutrients and minerals, growing 3 to 5 times the size of ordinary Spirulina.

In terms of nutritional value, Spirulina grown in deep ocean water according to Japan Algaefs methods has been shown to contain much higher levels of nutrients than Spirulina grown in ordinary subterranean water or salt lake.


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